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Choose the correct answer

01. The population of Colombia ____ 50 million.

02. The last President of Colombia ____ Juan Manuel Santos.

03. The Flower Festival in Medellin takes place ____ August.

04. California is ____ than Florida.

05. How often _____ go sailing?
do youyougo youdo

06. You have to walk before _____ run.
cancouldyou willyou can

07. This delicious chicken and rice dish needs _____ salt.
anysomeareare not

08. There _____ any fish in the popular dish Ajiaco.
isis notareare not

09. Barranquilla is _____ Santa Marta and Cartagena.

10. _____ being one of the largest states in the U.S., Alaska has a small population.
AlthoughDespiteOn the other handNevertheless

11. The economy of Colombia _____ an average of 6% since 2005.
growis growhas growngrew

12. if i _____ you, I would study with MBE.

13. _____ country is more interesting for you, Chile or Argentina?

14. Lucy is _____ about his new apartment.
exiteexcitedexcitingwill excite

15. The Amazon was considered a Natural _____ of the world in 2014.

16. If it _____ so cold today, I would go to the beach.
iswillis notwas not

17. I am really tired of my job. I wish I _____.
quitcan quitcould quitwill quit

18. Don´t worry, MBE _____ you prepare for your next job interview!
helpshelpedwill helpwould have help

19. The _____ in New York are some of the tallest in the world.

20. What a _____. Colombia did not make the finals of the World Cup.

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